Applicant – Eligibility Self-Check
To be able to register for the programme you first have to pass this basic eligibility check!
Please refer to the MUrCS website for detailed requirements.
Deadline for full application: 2019-01-15@12:00 (CET)


This test may be conducted now, but has to be repeated at the time of application.

All fields are required!
Qualifying Education
BSc, equivalent or higher degree, to which you refer as first/basic educational eligibility.
Graduation Date If your browser does not indicate a date format, use YYYY-MM-DD!

Qualifying Work Experience
Number of months of full time employment after the completion of your basic degree above.
N:o of Months
If you hold a current continuous employment, you may count the time up to and including August 2019 (the month before the course start). Part time work during education may not be included!

English Language Proficiency
Please select the type of certificate to which you refer as proof of your language eligibility.

NOTE: Certificates may not be older than two years!